Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Don't Forget to backup..

Time and time again we arrive out to a service call where a PC or Laptop has crashed. More often than not its a dead hard disk so the first thing we ask is "Do you have a backup" and usually the answer is "no". So we have put together this post to hopefully help you organise a backup solution for your files.
First of all, lets have a little chat about what "files" are. From talking to people we have found that a lot of people think of "files" as documents like spreadsheets or word documents and they are "files". But what are also referred to as "files" are all your photographs, your music, your movies pretty much anything your store on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone fall into the"files" category!
So now ask yourself.. Have you got your "files" backed up?

Il bet that for a lot of you the answer is no. So here's another question for you.. How would you feel if you lost all your photographs? Imagine your laptop or phone is stolen and everything is gone.. Doesn't bear thinking about does it.. Believe me I know!! While on holidays in Thailand last year my iPhone was stolen along with over a years worth of photographs. Its unbelievably annoying. Even more so for me considering I am always telling customers to backup!
Its easier than you think!
There are loads for FREE online backup or cloud solutions available to us today and they make backing up your "files" simple.. So here's a quick guide.
First up is Google Drive.. This is my personal favorite. It is so simple to use and available to anyone that has a Gmail account.. It creates a Google drive folder on your desktop and you simple drop the file in. Simple!
Next up is Dropbox. This is also very easy to use and like Google drive it creates a folder for you to just drop your files in.
And then there is Microsoft's Skydrive. Again its very similar to Googles Drive and Dropbox.
Each of these options gives a certain amount of FREE storage, for Google they start you off on 5gb, Dropbox is 2gb but you can increase that to 20gb through referrals and Skydrive gets you going with 7gb of free storage.
All have smart phone and tablet apps so that all your files are with you everywhere you go.  And of course there is nothing stopping you using all three and making the most of all the free space available to you.
If you need any help setting up your Backups get in touch and we can get you going.

If you would prefer the traditional method visit our shop and get a great deal on storage devices including usb keys, flash drives and external hard drives

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