Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Here are some simple tips to speed up your PC

I have been called out so many PC or Laptop repairs in Dublin where the client say their PC or Laptop is running slow. More often than not it is down to how the pc or laptop is being used that is causing it to be slow. 
  • Tidy up your desktop – Having dozens of files on your desktop will slow down your pc or laptop. This is because files stored on your desktop use up a lot of operational memory. Shortcuts are ok but try to store the actual files in your My Documents folder. It is the first thing I always do and it make a big difference to a slow pc or laptop
  • Clean up the hard disk – The hard disk is what stores all of the data on your PC or Laptop. Over time it will fill up with what is called temp files. If you want to speed up your slow pc or laptop then you need to clean down all these files. You can do it manually or you can use a program like Ccleaner. Simply Googe Ccleaner, download it and run it. It will clean out all those files wasting space and resources and help to speed up your slow pc or laptop
  • Clean out Malware / Spyware – If your PC or Laptop is running slow then I can nearly gaurantee you have malware or spyware on there. Every PC or Laptop should have some anti-malware and you should run it once a week. In short, malware is small applications that run in the background. If you are trying to speed up your laptop or desktop then stopping all of these is important. A good program is Malwarebytes. Download it and run it once a week.

So there you go.. 3 simple step to help speed up your slow laptop or desktop. Obviously this may not fix all the problems and it certainly wont fix a broken hard disk. (01) 295 8832

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