Friday, 18 July 2014

Tech Support Scams

Following on from recent reports in the media about tech support scams we thought we would provide you with the correct support numbers for the major computer and tech companies to sell their products in the Irish market.
Very often when you call any of these numbers you will be forwarded to their UK or European call centres. Most of the numbers are charged at standard Irish call rates but please check before calling.

If you are in doubt you can call (01) 295 8832 or email [email protected]

Here is a list of support numbers

H.P. - 1890 923 902
Sony Xperia phones - 1850 545 888
Sony Computers - 01 4073 040
Samsung - 0818 717 100
Microsoft - 1850 946 191
Apple - 1850 946 191
Lenovo - 1890 928 860
Medion - 1800 992 508
Fujitsu - 1890 927 272
Epson - 0Ransom-ware1 436 7742
Brother - 01 2411 911
Asus - 1890 71 9918
Toshiba - 01 248 1248 No support offered this is for faulty Hardware and warranty repairs.

Please note companies like Microsoft do not contact users directly by phone unless you have called in to them first. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from one of these companies just hang up. These people do not care they will just move onto the next number.

Some of the main issues that we see everyday include:


This is where you PC or Laptop is effectively held to ransom. A lot of people were hit by the Garda or Ukash scam last year where their laptops or desktops were locked by by a screen displaying the Garda logo. In the 'Garda Ukash' case, a message appears on the computer screen warning the user that they have been illegally downloading material or viewing illegal images. They are then warned to pay a €150 fine to avoid prosecution.


This is where programs are installed on a PC or Laptop that give bogus error messages. These programs usually get installed when someone is on a file sharing websites or streaming websites where you can watch movies or sports for free. You are usually asked to install a program in order to watch the free content however, It then installs other programs, such as PC Optimzer pro, speedup my PC, 24/7 Tech support, Registry cleaner pro... These programs then look for payment to help improve the performance of the computer. However, they are just scams and do nothing but slow down the device.

The good news is these type of infections are easily removed. If you have affected by such problems give us a call and we will advise you how to remove them.


This is where you receive a call from a company like Microsoft telling you that your device needs to be updated or that they have noticed a problem with your machine and they can fix it. However, after a few minutes they will try to charge you for the service or by answering the call you are already being charged. If you ever receive a call like this hang up immediately. If you are concerned simply call in to the proper support number for that company. Remember these companies will not contact you without you requesting it first.

False links

Another BIG problem is deceptive links. This is where companies, usually based in India, pay to have their number appear first on Google search results. The problem here is you are provided with false contact support numbers. They will usually request access to you PC and after a few minutes they will say the problem is fixable however, you will need to pay for the service. they try and charge anything up to €150. But like all other scams once they receive the money nothing is done to help fix any issue.

If in doubt about anything PC related you can contact us and we will point you in the right direction.


  1. Honestly I'd just recommend getting a support number directly from a company's website if you really need it. I'm not sure why anyone would trust a random pop up on their computer!

    Fred | Amazing Support

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