Monday, 8 September 2014

Beeps of Death!!!

Laptop beeps but won't boot

This is something we see time and time again and there is nothing more annoying than getting into work on a busy Monday morning than that sound beep beep beep beep!!!

However, those beeps actually mean something.. They are there to help people like us here at figure out what it is that is causing the problem with your laptop or desktop. The "beeps of death" as they have become known are a specific set of beeps and in a way its your laptop trying to communicate a problem to you. There are 100s of different beep codes and they are different for every make and model of laptop.

We can help you fix your "beeping" laptop or desktop. It could be a faulty hard disk and the hard drive might need to be replaced. It could be a faulty graphics card or ram. Your laptop might be getting too hot or the fan or heatsink may need replacing.

If you hear those frustrating beep codes when you turn on your PC or Laptop. Call us here at 

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